Apply to Join Our World Board Now!

Do you want to contribute to IFOAM - Organics International’s strategy and decision-making? Submit your candidacy for the World Board before April 15, 2021!


Applications should include:

  • A short curriculum vitae focusing on your activities within the organic movement (max. 2 pages);
  • A short presentation (min. of 500 – max. of 800 words) addressing the membership where you indicate the area in which you would particularly like to contribute to the work of the World Board. You are also welcome to express your views on IFOAM – Organics International's current positions and strategy.
  • Letters from five IFOAM - Organics International members supporting your candidacy. You may contact them through our Online Membership Directory
  • A photograph suitable for publication (print quality, i.e. 300 dpi);
  • An indication of your availability (or lack thereof) to also serve on the Executive Board.

Please submit your application no later than April 15, 2021, to Thomas Cierpka, ga@ifoam.bio. Only complete applications will be considered. From February 2021, we will publish the names of candidates who have applied on our website so that members can familiarize themselves with their candidates prior to the final candidacy submission deadline. We also hope this will encourage those undecided about running to submit their candidacy.

Please note: to date, 18 candidates who submitted applications for the postponed 2020 GA still intend to stand for election in 2021.

Find more information in the World Board Terms of Reference.

Democratically elected by IFOAM's voting members, The World Board (WB) is a team of 10 people from all around the world, united in their passion for policy and issues revolving around the climate, ecology, agriculture, and organic as a whole. The WB plays an active role in both shaping and guiding the strategic direction of IFOAM – Organics International, as well as the global organic movement it represents. After a three-year term, it reports back to membership to present their achievements. 

  • Support the Organizational Strategy and Organic 3.0: As a World Board member, you commit to endorsing and implementing the organizational strategy as approved in 2017 and to promoting the concept of Organic 3.0 as per our landmark document.
    You should be available to prepare for and attend World Board meetings and dedicate 20 - 30 working days per year (ca. 40 - 60 working days in the case of Executive Board membership), including travel time, to the World Board’s work. You will need to prepare in advance for decision-making and policy development at board meetings and take responsibility for informing yourself about the major issues before board meetings. You will be asked to ensure regular and timely communication, such as responding to emails and e-votes.
  • Fundraising: As a World Board member, you will be expected to commit time towards developing financial resources for the organization. This includes pursuing your own initiatives and supporting other fund development activities of the organization.

  • Supporting the organization’s advancement: You will provide strategic input to the development of the organization. Your guidance to the Executive Director and Management Team in regard to position development and strategic positioning of the organization will be of great value, as will the provision of your leadership to board committees.

  • Representation: You will represent IFOAM – Organics International at international events around the world, including public speeches and/or other contributions to conference and seminar programs. World Board members are also encouraged to write articles and other relevant publications for the organization.

You will find more information in the Terms of Reference

World Board Members must have:

  • A passion for organic agriculture and the issues surrounding it;

  • Strong cross-cultural communication skills and the ability to be clear, concise, and diplomatic;

  • Skills for strategy building and governance of a global and professional organization;

  • Readiness to assume responsibility for the organization in coordination with other World Board members;

  • The ability to understand and work with financial documents and official audit reports;

  • An excellent outreach to organic and like-minded networks;

  • The ability to see and act beyond your personal interests and to represent the interests of IFOAM – Organics International;

  • A flexible and dynamic working attitude;

  • Strong command of spoken and written English;

  • The availability to prepare for and attend World Board meetings.

We offer you the opportunity to be part of a truly global team of organic stakeholders and play an active role in shaping the strategic direction of IFOAM – Organics International as well as the global organic movement we represent. We also offer reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs that are associated with serving on the World Board. We do not offer reimbursement of time invested.

  1. David Amudavi, Executive Director of Biovision Africa Trust, Current World Board Member, Kenya
  2. Jacques Caplat, Independant Consultant, author, lecturer, France
  3. Henry Chang, Executive Director of Henry Organic Health, Inc, USA
  4. Sarah Compson, International Development Manager at Soil Association, UK
  5. Bablu Ganguly, Co-Founder, Worker, Chairperson of the Timbaktu Collective, Current World Board Member, India
  6. Bernward Geier, Executive Director of COLABORA - Let's work together, Germany 
  7. Fortunate Hofsi, Executive Director of ZOPPA Trust, Chair of the IFOAM Southern Africa Network, Zimbabwe
  8. Paul Holmbeck, Director of EcoConsult, Denmark
  9. Kate Kibarah, Director of Kate's Organics Limited, Kenya
  10. Julia Lernoud, Co-president of Young Organics Global Network, Current World Board Member, Argentina
  11. Karen Mapusa, Director of Land Resources Pacific Community, Current Vice-President of the World Board, Fiji
  12. Eugene Milovanov, President of Organic Federation of Ukraine, Ukraine
  13. Charikleia Minotou, Manager & Owner of Minotos Organic Farm, Greece
  14. Shamika Mone, President of INOFO, India
  15. Miyoshi Satoko, Chiba Organic, Vice President of IFOAM Organics Asia, Japan
  16. Marco Schlüter, Project and International Development Manager of Naturland e.V., Germany
  17. Jennifer Taylor, Associate Professor, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), USA
  18. Hannes Van den Eeckhout, Social Food Entrepreneur, Belgium

World Board Members: Edith van Walsum, Frank Eyhorn, Karen Mapusua, David Amudavi, Jennifer Chang, Gerold Rahmann,  Julia Lernoud, Hans Herren, Peggy Miars, Choitresh Ganguly.