Earnest discussions between 18 organic sector leaders from 14 Asian countries led to the establishment of IFOAM Asia in June 2013.

Today IFOAM Asia nurtures the organic movement across the region in its full diverse cultural, economic, and ecological contexts. Recognizing family farms as the core unit of farming communities and as stewards of nature, the network seeks to improve conditions for laborers, farmers, women, and indigenous or other marginalized groups.

At the policy level, IFOAM Asia advocates for organic agriculture by helping governments and their agencies to formulate comprehensive organic policies in their respective countries.

IFOAM Asia aims to develop and promote regional and domestic organic markets, increase consumer awareness of organic foods and their benefits. IFOAM Asia also recognizes the need for scientific research, education, and development in relation to organic production, processing, and marketing to benefit organic farmers/producers in Asia.

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Regional Bodies of IFOAM - Organics International

Our Regional Bodies - regional initiatives working across topical areas to unite IFOAM affiliates in around the world.

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Sector Platforms

Our Sector Platforms - enhancing global representation of individual topics relevant to the entire organic movement.

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