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Latin America is a region characterized by its abundance of biodiversity. As the cradle of civilization, the region's agrobiodiversity and biocultural resources make it one of the most important regions in the global organic movement. A lot of land here is managed organically  and there is great diversity in  production.  

In addition, there are a lot of farmers in Latin America who supply local, regional and global markets.  The region is also home to a number of productive and socio-economic innovations that have been successfully replicated  and extended to all continents.  Organic Agriculture in the region takes its full expression in Agroecology, which adheres to the  Principles of Organic Agriculture.  From Latin America and the Caribbean, contributions have emerged for a better inclusion of family agriculture in the sector's policies, the social construction of agro-ecological markets and the development of scientific  and technological solutions for climate change.

IFOAM - Organics International has a regional office based in Lima, Peru.  Since 2007, the regional office has been building bridges among members, allies  and the broader network  of the regional organic and agroecological movement.  Regional initiatives such as IFOAM Regional Group (SoS),  PGS Latinamerican Forum, INOFO-LA,  are among the main parties initiatives supporting  efforts to build dialogue, bring cooperation, and strengthen learning exchanges.

Capacity development and training programs also run in Latin America. To date there have been  two  Organic Leadership Courses (Liderazgo en Producción Orgánica y Agroecología), one in Mexico and one in Brazil; and we expect to run soon a third edition!

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Nutrition in Mountain Agro-Ecosystems (NMA)

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IFOAM America Latina

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Intercontinental Network of Organic Farmers’ Organisations (INOFO)

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Our members are diversified, from Mexico to the Patagonia we are represented by NGOs, companies, farmers’ organizations, universities, governments and certification bodies.